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Recent Advances in Networking

Professors often rely on textbooks to teach undergraduate and graduate networking courses. While there are many good introductory textbooks, there are very few books on advanced networking topics that could be suitable to advanced graduate courses in networking. To fill this gap, SIGCOMM Education Committee launches a community project to develop a high-quality, open-source, edited ebook on “Recent Advances in Networking”. This ebook will be distributed online via the SIGCOMM website and released under a creative commons license.

The ebook developed within this project will be composed of chapters covering advanced networking topics and accompanying teaching material (slides, labs, exercises, …). All the source code of the ebook and the teaching material will on a version controlled repository that will be accessible for the entire SIGCOMM community. We expect that releasing such high quality teaching material will be beneficial for a large number of students and professors. The teaching material will be updated on a regular basis to reflect new advances in our field.

We invite submissions on a wide range of networking topics, including, but not limited to:

In order to aid with synchronisation of activities and coverage of material, at the first stage, we wish to collect Expression of Interest (EoI) for proposed chapters in the ebook. These EOIs can either be surveys that provide a broad introduction to a subfield or detailed descriptions of new techniques/protocols/... An EoI should be an extended abstract of few pages that describes the proposed chapter and references experience in teaching this topic at a graduate level and references existing material (slides, references, …).

The ebook chapters will have to be original unpublished material. Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the editors by email to check the suitability of material and the fit within the scope. The received EoI and the submitted chapters will be reviewed by members of the editorial board and external reviewers.


For more information about the scope and suitability of teaching material, please email:

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